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What is Appliance Design Reviews

ApplianceDesign is essentially built to review a collection of best appliance products for various uses. We assist customers to pick the best appliance products for their needs. We make reviews on the following kinds of appliance products: humidifier, dehumidifier, water purifier, vacuum cleaner, etc. Our aim of doing this is to make your shopping activities way less-stressful; and we actualize this by selecting and carefully carrying out reviews on the best items on the marketplace. It is important to mention that we are in partnership with CashProf.

What We Do at Appliance Design

Every recommendation is based on the outcome of our thorough research. This is how we conduct our research; first, we begin by thinking of the most desirable features in a certain product (appliance). After this stage, we will then select the best-selling products in that category and do a comparative analysis of their major features and flaws. Apart from the functional aspect, we also consider the materials that they are made of, the kind of construction used.

Most of our data is gotten from the judgement, advice and warnings of real buyers (users). This means that we pay close attention to what users of the products are saying. And then we try to justify most of their claims with the data we get from some reliable information sources in the industry. Along the line, we also make close observation to ensure that the real characteristics or functionalities of the appliance (product) match with the ones outlined by the manufacturer.

In most cases, we spend 7 to 10 days in our research (and in some cases, we may spend more than that), because we want to make sure that our reports and recommendations are authentic. Within this period, we conduct our research and map out our ratings, descriptions for each product, and a descriptive guide for buyers.

An Overview of How We Conduct Our Research

We begin our research by looking into the most reliable information sources in the industry, some of these sources are: CNET, Make Use Of, Consumer Reports, just to mention a few. Then we proceed by closely exploring reviews from real buyers (users) on the aforementioned platforms and Amazon. While we study the reviews from hundreds or even thousands of real users of the products, we take note of the flaws or drawbacks of each product; and we also take note of their positive aspects.

From this information we will then make a shot-list of the best items in that category (example: best dehumidifier for small bathroom) with their descriptions, features, pros and cons.

How We Deal with Unnatural Reviews

If you are a regular shopper, you might have noticed that there are some reviews that are usually not from real users (buyers). I bet you would like to know how we deal with such reviews so that it doesn’t affect our assessments negatively.

I am happy to let you know that we have an effective way of detecting unnatural reviews and feedbacks; however, our system can only detect 60% of such reviews. During our analysis or while choosing a product, we only pay attention to reviews from real buyers: people who have bought that particular product and can attest to its functionalities.

How We Recommend Products

Just because a product is expensive and has high-end features does not mean that it is the best in the marketplace. Most products come with loads of features that may not be necessary for an average user. Our recommendation is usually based on a specific need. A product that is not expensive or packed with loads of features may end up being the best for your need. Hence, we only recommend products that are highly suitable for specific needs.