Dehumidifier is a machine essentially designed to control the level of humidity. It is safe and provides comfort for users. These appliances are highly suitable for areas with high humidity. To get the best out of them, you have to make the right choice.

Choosing the best commercial dehumidifier for your need can be very tough sometimes, considering the fact that there are tons of commercial or industrial dehumidifiers flooding the marketplace from all angles every day. For this reason, it is very important that you take some time to review some of the top commercial/industrial dehumidifiers in the marketplace before jumping to conclusion. I have seen cases where people complained that their dehumidifiers were not working properly. This, in most cases, is because they made a wrong choice. Reading this review will help you pick a model highly suitable for your need. Our team of reviewers have already done all the hard work; all you have to do is go to through the list and gauge the specifications and stability of the appliances in light of your need. All thanks to our team of reviewers who have put in a lot of time and effort in conducting a thorough research with the sole purpose of presenting the best machines to you.

1. Dri-Eaz F413 Revolution LGR Dehumidifier

Dri-Eaz F413 Revolution LGR Dehumidifier

This model is one of the few dehumidifiers in the marketplace that has the largest coverage areas; and this is one of the reasons why it comes number one in our list. The Dri-Eaz F413 Revolution Dehumidifier has the capacity to cover areas of up to 7,000 square feet. This machine is ultimately designed for commercial and industrial use. According to our team of reviewers and some other experts in the field, this monstrous unit is energetically efficient and reliable beyond doubt. It is perfect in all angles, and it is essentially designed for large buildings and areas with excess moisture.

The Dri-Eaz F413 Revolution LGR Dehumidifier has the capacity of extracting 80 pints at the span of 24 hours, which also makes it a great choice for large areas or spaces with high level of moisture. In addition, this machine also comes with tons of useful features, such as a humidistat which allows users to auto-set whatever humidity level they like. And since the device is designed to run continuously, it will be easy for you to regularly set up the most suitable humidity level indoors, irrespective of where you are. It is important to mention that the recommended range of indoors humidity is from 45% to 55%. Take note of this because anything lower or higher can pose a threat to your health.

Another huge advantage of this unit is that it has the capacity to function in exceptionally cold temperatures. In other words, it is capable of withstanding temperatures ranging from 33 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit. The only drawback to the Dri-Eaz F413 Revolution LGR Dehumidifier is that it has no wheels. Hence, movability can be a bit tough due to its size. Although, this is not going to be a huge problem unless when you are in a hurry to move it. You can always use a hand truck to transit it from place to place. Due to the way it is designed, it will be very easy for you to transport it from one place to another.

Pros and Cons

  • Energy Efficient
  • Can Cover Large Areas or Spaces
  • It Features a Humidistat
  • High Dehumidification Rate
  • Features Touch Controls
  • It has no wheels

2. Alorair Commercial Water Damage Restoration Dehumidifier (best commercial dehumidifiers with pump)

This device is essentially designed for flood and water damage restoration. If you work in areas that might be tough to dehumidify (after a flood or extensive rainfall), then the AlorAir Strom LGR Extreme Restoration Dehumidifier might be the best choice for you. The unit comes with higher moisture absorbent power. Apart from this, the AlorAir is relatively easy in terms of mobility. Due to its compact nature, flood restorers find it very easy to move various components during damage restoration activities.

Moreover, the AlorAir Strom LGR Restoration Dehumidifier features a special hot gas melting system, which makes it a perfect option for use under cold weather conditions. This special defrosting feature makes it easier for the ice to be cleared from the coil. Hence, you will be able to utilize the machine in exceptionally cold temperatures. This machine also comes with the high-end epoxy coated coils. This helps to extend the life span of the coils by safeguarding the unit in corrosive environments; and also sustaining the heat transfer function of the machine in general.

In addition, the AlorAir Strom Restoration Dehumidifier can cover about 2,300 square feet; and it has the capacity to extract 85 pints of humidity, which is high if compared to some of its arch rivals. The unit is highly suitable for office buildings and construction sites. Also, it features an effective waterproof shell, which means that it is safe to use outdoors. And finally, with its pump, you can easily discharge the water collected.

Pros and Cons

  • Comes with a Hot Gas Defrosting System
  • Can Cover Large Areas
  • It Features Waterproof Shell
  • Can be used in extremely cold temperatures
  • A bit heavier than most similar design units.

3. Dri-Eaz LGR 7000XLi Portable Refrigerant Dehumidifier (Best in Portability)

This unit is essentially designed for commercial or industrial use. It is capable of covering up to 26,000-cubit feet; and it has the capacity to extract about 130 pints of moisture at the span of 24 hours (per day). It is obvious that with these unique features, the Dri-Eaz LGR 7000 XLi Portable Refrigerant Dehumidifier was basically designed for heavy-duty activities. It is a great option for commercial and industrial purposes. The machine also comes with the humidistat unit which enables users to have absolute humidity control.

In terms of portability and movability, this machine comes up top: it comes with reliable and easy to move wheels, which makes it quite easy for users to move it from one place to another. Moreover, users can keep track of the unit’s performance and site conditions remotely, as it features some unique wireless technologies. Nevertheless, to fully enjoy this unique feature, users will have to purchase a HygroTrac Remote Monitoring system separately.

As you already know, nothing in life comes without at least a flaw. However, it is somewhat tough to actually point out any drawback to the Dri-Eaz F203-A, as the machine is solidly built with high-end technologies. Well, the only thing I can say is a bit of a drawback to this unit is that it is a bit more expensive if compared to most of its arch rivals. However, I can boldly tell you that it is worth every penny.

Pros and Cons

  • Wireless Technology
  • Large Area Coverage
  • Great Workmanship
  • Easy Movability
  • A Bit More Expensive

4. Perfect Aire 1PACD150 Damp2Dry Commercial Dehumidifier

This is another great unit highly suitable for commercial and industrial use. The machine is capable of extracting 142 pints of moisture per day. However, its coverage area size is unknown at the time of writing this report. It comes with a digital control pad, which makes its usage quite seamless. This feature is so user-friendly that an average user, in most cases, won’t even need a manual to be able to properly carry out operations.

In terms of movability, the machine is exceptionally convenient, as it comes with semi-pneumatic wheels, which makes it very easy for users to move it from one place to another. The unit also features a hot gas bypass system which enables it to automatically defrost when the need arises. It is also capable of functioning in a wide-ranging temperature, which is a huge advantage.

Moreover, the unit comes with a timer which prevents it from operating inessentially. Furthermore, the Perfect Aire 1PACD150 Damp2Dry Dehumidifier also features a washable filter which helps to improve the air quality and also protects users from potential health issues. According to some customers, the drawback to this product is unreliable customer support, which can be a bit frustrating if something goes wrong with your purchase.

Pros and Cons

  • Comes with a hot gas bypass system
  • Capable of high dehumidification rate
  • Digital Control
  • Features a Timer
  • Comes with convenient wheels
  • Unreliable Customer Support

5. BlueDri BD-76-RED Commercial Dehumidifier (Best for Large Greenhouse)

This unit is perfect for large greenhouses, construction sites and other places where the machine will need to be moved around frequently. The BluerDri BD-76-RED Commercial Dehumidifier is highly efficient in performance. It comes with semi-pneumatic wheels which helps for easy movability, and a solid polyethylene housing which makes it extremely rugged. Also, just like most high-end dehumidifiers, this machine functions in wide-ranging temperature, which makes it one of the most flexible and versatile humidity machines in the marketplace. In addition, it has the capacity to extract up to 76 pints daily.

Furthermore, the unit comes with a digital control and a 25-foot cord which makes flexibility very easy for users when setting up the machine. The incorporated drainage hose enables users to get rid of collected water. For those who have exquisite taste in color, I want to let you know that this machine comes in four different colors. You have the option to choose your favorite color among: red, blue, gray and green.

Lastly, the machine only comes with one-year limited warranty. However, its housing is supported by a five-year warranty. The major downside of this machine is that it is a bit heavier than most of its arch-rivals – it is about 81 pounds – and it comes with limited guides. However, a lot of users still fancy it because of its outstanding performance.

Pros and Cons

  • Easy Movability and Flexibility
  • High Capacity
  • Comes in Four Different Colors
  • Rugged Construction
  • Functions in wide-ranging temperature.
  • A Bit Weightier
  • Limited Instruction for Users

6. Active Air Commercial Dehumidifier 100 Pint 2018 Model (Budget Friendly)

This machine is another model to look out for. The active Air 100-pint Commercia Dehumidifier comes with higher humidity extraction capabilities and a general sturdy construction. It is capable of extracting up to 100 pints daily. It comes with heavy duty compressor, and the long-lasting, thick power-coated metal casing. Nevertheless, it is lacking in the area of coverage. It is only capable of covering area of 861 square feet. This is rather small if compared to other models we have reviewed earlier. However, it is on this list because of its outstanding performance and unique features.

The Active Air 100-Pint commercial dehumidifier allows for easy movement due to its portability and wheels. These features make it quite easy for users to move the machine from one place to another, irrespective of its weight and size. It is important to note that it also comes with an integrated defrosting system, just like other high-end models we’ve earlier reviewed. This feature essentially enhances efficiency by cutting down defrosting time.

The unit also features an auto-restart function which can be used alongside the humidistat controllers. It also comes with a removable filter which makes cleaning and maintenance quite easy.

This outstanding humidity appliance also has some downsides, which starts from its coverage area.  In spite of its small coverage area for an industrial dehumidifier, this unit is a bit costly. However, if you are not too concerned about large coverage area, then this device can be a great option considering its rugged construction, outstanding performance and unique features.

Pros and Cons

  • Comes with an Automatic Restart Function
  • It Comes with a Removable Filter
  • Features a Built-in Defrosting System
  • It has Wheels which Makes Movability very Easy
  • Has the Capacity to Extract High Moisture
  • Lacks the capacity to cover extremely large areas
  • It is a Bit Costly

7. XPOWER XD-125 Industrial Commercial Dehumidifier (Best for Basements)

This unit is basically ideal for heavy rainfall or flooding. The heavy-duty XPOWER XD-125 Industrial Commercial Dehumidifier has the capacity to extract up to 125 pints of moisture at the span of 24 hours, in an extremely wet area. This machine is a beast that is very handy in desperate situations. It has the efficiency to control humidity levels in an accelerated way.

This humidity machine also comes with a unique recessed digital control panel that is absolutely easy to use. With this feature, you can set your preferred humidity level and the machine will automatically pump water via the drainage hose when it is full; this subsequently saves you the strain of continually monitoring the tank level. In addition, the XPOWER dehumidifier also has the capacity to operate in wide-ranging temperatures; it is essentially designed to handle different conditions (cold or hot) with its high-end compressor.

Furthermore, this humidity machine is highly portable and mobile-friendly, as it comes with shock-absorbing semi-pneumatic wheels. Apart from this, it is also worthy to mention that it has a sturdy, durable housing. The wheels give you the comfort of moving from one place to another. For example, you can easily and quickly move it to or around your construction sites, basements, disaster relief areas, grooming salons, water damage restoration sites, or any sphere where moisture extraction is very much needed.

Pros and Cons

  • Has the capacity to operate in different conditions
  • Accelerated Drying
  • Hard-wearing and sturdy housing
  • High dehumidification rate
  • Advanced digital control panel
  • Just one year warranty

8. Ideal-air Commercial Grade Dehumidifier

This is another commercial (industrial) dehumidifier that our team of reviewers found intriguing. It is designed to be mobile-friendly and portable. So, if you need a good commercial (industrial) dehumidifier that can fit into a small space or that won’t occupy much space, then model meets the requirement. This unit has the capacity to extract up to 50 pints of water every day. It is a perfect machine for areas with high level of humidity.

Furthermore, the unit comes with a digital display which enables users to view the current temperature and humidity readings, and also allows them to tune them to their level of preference. It also features a one-speed fan which serves the function of drying and cooling the air before emitting it to the area.

In terms of maintenance, this humidity machine is designed to be very easy to maintain. It has a filter that can be easily detachable. This filter can be washed and reused as many times as possible; this simply means that you won’t be spending money on new filters every now and then.

Moreover, the Ideal-Air comes with very helpful features such as a defrost system which enables users to use it in low temperatures (down to 45-degree Fahrenheit). It also has an automatic restart control, which makes it a perfect option for areas or workplaces with erratic power supply.

Pros and Cons

  • Auto-restart Function
  • Very portable (can fit in small spaces)
  • It is very easy to maintain
  • Features a defrost system
  • Low dehumidification rate (50 pints daily)

Alorair Storm Elit High-performance Industrial Commercial Dehumidifier

This is another high-end unit by AloAir which has outstanding performance and unique features. The machine is shock resistant and can fit in small spaces like a closet or a stairwell. It features ducting options which makes its maintenance more hassle-free as you won’t have to go through the stress of emptying the water tank every time. With its condensate pump, the moisture can easily be drained, thereby making the dehumidification process unstoppable.

The Storm AlorAir Elite also comes with humidistat which makes it capable of functioning in different humidity levels. It can go from 35% to 95% dampness. With this control, users can easily set their temperature to whatever level they like. This feature makes the machine a multipurpose unit. This simply means that it can be used in different situations. This model is a good option for most building owners because it a bit less noisy when compared to other similar units.

What is a Commercial Dehumidifier?

Before we go into more details, let us first discuss what a commercial dehumidifier is, and how it differs from the regular residential options. A commercial dehumidifier is a machine that is designed with the sole purpose of removing large amounts of moisture and water from the air. This kind of unit is usually used in office complexes, large basements, construction sites, for flood and water damage restoration projects, just to mention a few. This kind of unit is used in areas where there is high level of humidity. They are usually made of heavy-duty materials and are highly sophisticated in performance. Commercial (industrial) dehumidifiers help to enhance air quality, thereby preventing risk hazards for employees and also protecting businesses where mold or mildew may pose as a threat.

Difference Between Commercial and Residential Dehumidifiers

The difference between residential and commercial (industrial) dehumidifiers is that the latter is designed for areas with high humidity. They are designed with sturdy construction and are very powerful in extracting moistures or mold. In other words, this kind of unit is highly equipped with sophisticated dehumidification functions. They are made for large areas like construction sites, large basements, office complexes and the like. However, a residential dehumidifier is built for the purpose of extracting moistures or mold in rooms, houses, bathrooms and so on. They may not have the capacity to handle large office buildings or large basements. Unlike the commercial option which can handle up to 95% humidity, the residential unit can only handle up to 75% humidity.

In summary, commercial dehumidifiers can handle high level humidity, and are designed for large buildings. Also, they can be used for flood or water damage projects, construction sites or manufacturing plants. They are made with rugged materials and sophisticated dehumidification technologies.

Can I Use a Commercial Dehumidifier at Home?

Yes, you can use a commercial dehumidifier in your home. Most of them feature a function called humidistat, which enables users to regulate temperature. With this feature, you can set the temperature to your preferred choice. They can serve the same function in your whole house just as they do for a large office building.

The only drawback here is that they may be slightly bigger and not too good looking for a home appliance. Apart from this, it is highly recommendable that you use residential dehumidifiers for your home.

What is the Amount of Water that a Commercial Dehumidifier can Remove?

The amount of water a commercial unit can extract will depend on the model. Different models have different capacities. For example, if you go through the reviews above, you would discover that there are units that can extract up to 130 pints per day, there are those that can extract 80 pints, and some can extract up to 142 pints and so on. So, the amount of water will depend on the model you go for. Hence, it is advisable that you put these things into consideration when making your assessment.

What to Look out for When Buying a Commercial Dehumidifier

There are various factors to consider when picking a commercial (industrial) dehumidifier. Below are some of the things you must consider.

Coverage Capacity

One thing you should have in mind is the size of the place (basement, office, construction site, etc) you need the unit for. For example, if you want to buy the appliance for a large office or basement, then you should be looking for a machine that has the capacity to extract at least 70 pints within the span of 24 hours. Note that some units below 50 pints can also be considered as a commercial dehumidifier, as long as the units are of heavy-duty construction.

Also, make sure to find out about the coverage capacity of the unit you intend to buy. Question like, “Does it have the capacity to cover up to 10,000 cubic feet and above?” should come to mind. This is very important because the higher coverage capacity a unit has, the more energy it tends to consume, and subsequently, the more money you will spend on power. The point here is that if you pick a machine that is way higher than what you need, you might end up spending unnecessary money on power. Hence, making this assessment will help you to pick the suitable machine for your space (office, basement, construction area, etc). It is important to note that this rating varies from brand to brand.

Noise Level

You should also pay attention to the noise level of the unit because unlike residential dehumidifiers, commercial (industrial) models can be very noisy. Even the best brand and model will be exceptionally louder than the home option. However, some commercial dehumidifiers are louder than others. Hence, you should take this into consideration when making your assessment.

Auto Restart Function

This feature can be very helpful in instances where users may have power failure or some kind of interruption, which will subsequently lead to the dehumidifier shutting down. This feature automatically returns the machine to operation immediately power is restored. Hence, you might also want to take this into consideration.

Build Quality

Unlike residential dehumidifiers which are made of a lightweight form of plastic, most industrial dehumidifiers are built out of heavy-duty plastic or rugged steel. They are essentially designed to be highly durable, even the mini or portable models. Hence, it is important that you take this into consideration too. When picking an industrial dehumidifier for your need, I would highly advise you to go for the ones with sturdy construction and housing.

Built-in Humidistat

Most high-end dehumidifiers come with built-in humidistats, which enables the users to automatically set the humidity to whatever level they prefer. This feature helps to regulate the amount of temperature or humidity automatically. Hence, you might want to add this to your consideration list.

Easy Maintenance

Another thing to pay attention to is maintenance. Whether you buy a crawl space dehumidifier or an industrial model for basements, office, etc., one thing should always come to mind, the concern about maintenance. Therefore, it is important that you consider this part when picking a unit. In order to avoid certain challenges that you might face in the course of maintaining your dehumidifier, it would be best for you to buy a unit that requires low maintenance. For example, you might want to consider a unit that has an automatic drainage system.


Getting the best commercial dehumidifier may be a little bit tough at first. However, if you implement some of the suggestions above when picking a dehumidifier, then finding the best industrial or commercial unit won’t be a problem for you. As you review each brand and model, do not forget the reason why you need a dehumidifier in the first place. If you don’t have time to read through everything, then you can just make your assessment by using the information in the pros and cons section of each of the reviews above.

Endeavor to you pick the best commercial dehumidifier that suits your need, works well for you in terms of performance and has an affordable cost. Just like I mentioned in the beginning of this post, one of the most common complaints of everyday users is that their dehumidifiers are not performing as it should. This is usually as a result of buying a unit that does not have the capacity to meet your need or demand. Hence, it is very important that you keep this in mind as you go through the reviews. This will help you to avoid the mistake most people make. Be clever as you make your decision, and buy a unit that will be highly suitable for your need and also go along with your budget.